OREANDA-NEWS  Due to the melting ice in the Arctic, more and more attention is attracting the Northern Sea Route - a route that allows to transport goods between Europe and Asia faster than through the Suez Canal. Russia, the USA and China are eyeing the route. In this regard, a competitive struggle between the great powers for a "place in the sun" began in the Arctic.

The United States, Russia and China are participating in the confrontation. Washington has a chance to win only if a number of conditions are met. In particular, experts note the need for a permanent US presence in the region. For example, Washington needs to continue to lease icebreakers from other countries, as well as develop its own Arctic fleet. This will allow the United States to simplify access to missile defense radars and military outposts, as well as provide freedom of navigation and reconnaissance, while saving money and resources for the US Coast Guard.

Earlier, the United States called for cooperation with Russia to "block" China in the Arctic. The journalist Henry-Nicholas Grossman, who made such a statement, noted in his material that the authorities of the People's Republic of China have "colonial ambitions" in the Arctic and are trying to consolidate their presence there.