OREANDA-NEWSThe New York State Supreme Court ordered U.S. President Donald Trump to pay $ 2 million to nonprofits as compensation for using his charitable foundation in the 2016 election campaign. This was reported on Twitter by New York State Attorney General Letizia James. According to CNN, a lawsuit filed in June 2018 alleged that Trump and his three oldest children, Donald, Ivanka and Eric, violated federal and state campaign finance laws by abusing the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s tax-exempt status. The New York State Attorney General’s office demanded $ 2.8 million from the fund.

The family used a charity fund to serve the business and political interests of the businessman, the lawsuit said. Trump's campaign headquarters organized a fundraiser in Iowa in February 2016, but identified charitable organizations supporting military veterans as grant recipients. The court found that the event was in fact “for Trump’s political campaign”.

The $ 2 million fine issued to Trump will be evenly distributed among eight NGOs, including Citymeals on Wheels, the United Black College Foundation (UNCF), and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. These organizations will also receive equal shares in the remaining assets of the Donald J. Trump Foundation.