OREANDA-NEWS  The scientific journal The Lancet published a study that compares the rate of aging of residents of different countries. A group of scientists decided to measure the "rate of aging" in 192 countries not by formal life expectancy in a particular state, but by focusing on a number of diseases that usually occur with age.

In their list, scientists have included 92 diseases, including 13 diseases of the cardiovascular system (stroke, atrial fibrillation, endocarditis, etc.), 35 types of cancer, Parkinson's disease, hearing impairment, cataract and glaucoma, Alzheimer's disease, injuries received in the fall while walking, and others. the Study showed that all these diseases, which are traditionally associated with old age, in fact develop in residents of different countries at different ages, in some cases with a difference of more than at 30.

The authors of the study also assessed how burdensome the diseases that have already arisen are for people from different countries, as well as the change in this indicator over time (for example, to take into account life expectancy and how often disability occurs).

After analyzing the data from 1990 to 2017, scientists have also established the "average age of aging", to which earthlings usually accumulate several senile diseases — 65 years.

Nevertheless, for residents of different countries of the world conditional 65th anniversary comes at different ages. For example, the Japanese and Swiss begin to feel 65 years on average at about 76 years, the inhabitants of Afghanistan at 51 years, and the inhabitants of the Central African Republic at 53 years. First of all, old age diseases and their accompanying problems overtake the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea (45 years).

That is why it is crucial to understand how burdensome age-related diseases are and what are the "best strategies" to reduce this burden, they add. ​

Russia scientists attributed to the number of countries whose population is aging faster than the world average: characteristic of old age set of diseases in the inhabitants of our country is usually already 59 years. This is the 160th place among 192 countries studied by the authors of the study.