OREANDA-NEWS. In any case, Europe will not be able to return to normal life in the summer of 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some restrictions imposed against the spread of infection will have to be left in force. This was announced by the European Commissioner for Legal Affairs Didier Reynders during a speech at the session of the European Parliament.

The Belgian politician noted, that the introduction of certificates, which will contain information about the passage of vaccination, is unlikely to help return to normal life in the summer. However, this document will become a «reliable tool» for the free movement of citizens within the European Union.

«The technical work on preparing the launch of certificates is going well. The documents need to be launched by the summer», said Reynders.

Earlier it became known, that the World Health Organization (WHO) does not see the feasibility of introducing the so-called vaccination passports. They are afraid, that this may introduce a social imbalance, said the official representative of the department in Russia, Melita Vujinovich. She stressed, that the appearance of such a document in the current realities «will lead to great inequality».