OREANDA-NEWS Iceland’s authorities, including Prime Minister Catherine Jacobsdouttir, attended a farewell ceremony with the 700-year-old Okiekudl glacier, which almost completely disappeared due to melting snow. During the ceremony, a commemorative plaque was opened, BBC reports. 

The inscription on the memorial says that Okiekudl was the first Icelandic glacier to disappear, followed by the rest in the next 200 years, and that the plate is a reminder of what happened and what needs to be done

Also on the plate the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air on the planet is shown. At the moment it's 415 ppm. 

Currently, only 1 sq km of ice remains from the Okjekull glacier, a century ago reaching an area of ​​15 sq km and a thickness of 50 m. In 2014, the registration of the movement of ice mass ceased, and the glacier was found to have disappeared