OREANDA-NEWS. A man armed with a saber has wounded a police officer in Nantes, France, local police informs. The patrol engaged in a confrontation with an overly agitated subject. During the arrest, one police officer was injured in the thigh and groin.

It is noted, that law enforcement officers were called to the place because of a marital quarrel. There is a photo of a weapon, that looks like a medieval saber with slits on the blade, attached to the report. Today, on February 2, the detainee will appear in court. «The Figaro» newspaper writes, that the detained owner of the saber was under the influence of narcotic substances.

Earlier, an armed man with a machete was detained in eastern Paris. Police in the city received reports of a man armed with a machete in the Pere Lachaise metro. A week earlier, a series of armed attacks took place in France. On Thursday morning, October 29, an unknown person attacked people with a knife in the church of Notre-Dame in Nice. Three people were killed, and one of the victims had his throat cut.