OREANDA-NEWS. Russian condolences poured in after a fire in the legendary eight-centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral in the capital of France, but some commentators said that the tragedy of French nation symbolized the decline of Europe.

Moscow residents brought flowers to the Embassy of France as a demonstration of support.

At Russia’s largest Catholic church, worshippers in Moscow held a service in honor of the destroyed Notre Dame.

President Vladimir Putin in a telegram to French leader Emmanuel Macron offered to help in restoration of the renowned cathedral sending Russian experts.

The Culture Ministry reported that it is going to call on Russian people to raise funds to support the restoration of Notre Dame.

However, others said the fire symbolized the decline of European civilization.

Ksenia Sobchak, TV anchor, journalist, socialite, actress and 2018 presidential candidate, wrote: “Today NotreDame is gone. Of course, then they will find the real cause of the “ignition”, but I know the reason for a long time. It is more global than who exactly threw a burning match. My beloved France has become a country where windows of expensive boutiques are smashed simply because they are expensive, every week trade unions… go on strike, taxes are such that successful people simply go away… And I am absolutely sure that this is… related to the fact that the masterpiece had burned down.”

Rustem Adagamov, a popular Russian blogger, wrote on social media: “After the gangs of Yellow Vests dealt with the city, some kind of disaster should happen.”

Yegor Kholmogorov, a well-known publicist, wrote that the fire was a requital for what he called France’s outstanding role in the “horror and destruction in Syria.”