OREANDA-NEWS Poland belongs to the category of NATO and EU countries that are betting on prolonging the crisis in Ukraine, along with the United States, Great Britain and the Baltic countries, Russian Ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreev said on the Russia 24 TV channel. In his opinion, the Polish authorities also expect to receive a significant part of the money that the West will allocate for the restoration of Ukraine.

"Poland belongs to the category of NATO and EU countries that are emphatically betting on prolonging the conflict," Andreev said.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the facts indicate that Poland has a plan to expand into Ukraine. At the same time, linking their actions with the implementation of the Russian special operation is only a pretext.

In turn, political scientist Sergei Markov suggested that Poland wanted to become a major player in Eastern Europe in order to claim the status of a great power if the Russian Federation was defeated in Ukraine. According to him, Warsaw's calculation is simple: to help the Kyiv regime with all its might and wait for the defeat of the Russian troops. Markov noted that now the Polish authorities are inspired by the not very successful first stage of the special military operation.