OREANDA-NEWS. In the United States, as a result of a new shooting incident, four people were killed, including a child. And two more people were seriously injured. The attack occurred on the evening of Wednesday, March 31, in one of the office buildings in Orange, California. The shooter, whose motives are still unknown, was wounded by police and hospitalized.

«Terrible and heartbreaking. Our hearts are with the families of those affected by this terrible tragedy tonight», California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote on Twitter today, April 1.

The incident occurred on the top floor of a small office building in Orange. The guards and the suspect engaged in a shootout. Orange police later reported, that the situation had stabilized and that there was no longer a threat to the public.

On March 22, ten people were killed in a shooting at a dry goods store in the Browder, Colorado. A few days earlier, a gunman killed eight people, including six Asian women, at massage parlors in Atlanta.

The incidents have reignited discussions in the US about tougher gun laws.