OREANDA-NEWS Such data are cited by the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies. According to its head Elman Mehdiyev, there are approximately 58 million borrowers in Russia with valid loans.

Now the population of Russia is about 145 million people. According to Rosstat, the number of citizens of working age is 75.3 million people, or 51% of the total.

A quarter of Russian borrowers take loans to maintain their usual standard of living, according to NAPCA.

The trend with the debt over population is very alarming. As noted earlier, a bubble is growing in the consumer lending market, an explosion of which can significantly hit the country's economy.

This issue has been raised more than once in the government and has become the reason for the correspondence debate of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development with the Central Bank. Maxim Oreshkin’s dissatisfaction was caused by the regulator’s statement that the growth observed in the domestic economy was largely due to the growth in consumer lending.