OREANDA-NEWSThanks to the economic policies of the authorities, Russia is considered very attractive to investors who are already tired of US anti-Russian sanctions. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by the head of the department of the American bank J.P. Morgan, a foreign exchange, commodity and emerging markets expert, Luis Oganes, answering a question from a Russian media correspondent at a briefing for a foreign press.

"Market participants recognize Russia's economic policy, both monetary and fiscal, as very conservative and responsible", said the expert. According to him, "despite all the political restrictions" caused by the sanctions, the economic policy of the Russian Federation is carried out "in an independent manner".

Such actions by the Russian authorities, Oganes continued, “cause significant interest in Russian assets” among global investors. However, Hovhannes emphasized, "many investors are tired of sanctions". He said that investors "are afraid that they will be caught due to violation of sanctions, but in the end sanctions are not imposed" or imposed, but not fully, and they are missing out on a good offer.