Finance accounting and audit

Nord Stream 2
16.06.2021, 17:15

The Nord Stream 2 project is fully funded, and Gazprom is not going to raise additional funds for the project, said Famil Sadigov, deputy chairman of the Gazprom board.

A boy with money
14.06.2021, 09:46
Three-quarters of Russians support the idea of allocating a certain budget for pocket money for their children.
Financial fraudsters
10.06.2021, 18:06
Half of the US unemployment benefits issued during the pandemic have been stolen and taken out of the country.
Finance Minister Anton Siluanov
03.06.2021, 11:57
Annual inflation in Russia is now about 5.9%, which is an element of overheating of the economy, so budgetary policy needs to be normalized, said Finance Minister.
Money transfers
13.05.2021, 10:09

Money transfers from Russia remain the least expensive. This is stated in the World Bank's report on migration and development, which assesses the situation for 2020.

In a supermarket
12.05.2021, 12:32
According to the Prime Minister, nobody is completely satisfied with the result of food price control in the Russian Federation.
US economy
12.04.2021, 11:12
Jerome Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve, responded to a question about threats to the economy in an interview with CBS. He noted that the US economy is currently at a "turning point".
12.04.2021, 10:36
Some U.S. officials saw the digital yuan as a potential threat. This information is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.
Russian ruble coins
31.03.2021, 10:03

The World Bank has revised the forecast for the growth of the Russian economy in 2021 and 2022 for the better.

Woman watching the live broadcast of the speech of President Alexander Lukashenko.
10.02.2021, 11:50

The combination of these factors led to a change in the long-term outlook of the sovereign credit rating of Belarus from stable to negative.

25.12.2020, 10:56
In the Moscow office of the gold mining company Petropavlovsk, investigative actions were carried out against the founder and former CEO of the company, Pavel Maslov.
Berlin Corona Vaccination Center in Treptow
24.12.2020, 10:29
All countries of the world have spent more than $13 trillion on the fight against coronavirus.
Empty shelves in Pyaterochka grocery store
10.12.2020, 15:37
The federal budget of the Russian Federation in January-November 2020 was executed with a deficit of 2.5 trillion rubles.
10.12.2020, 12:04
Germany in particular and the European Union as a whole lose billions of euros every year due to restrictive measures against Russia.
Rosneft company
20.10.2020, 10:10
Rosneft became the leader among the largest Russian companies in terms of product sales at the end of 2019.


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