ОРЕАНДА-НОВОСТИ. The number of cellular subscribers who pay for mobile communication using Sberbank’s Autopayment service now stands at more than 20 million. Over the past three years this number has doubled.

The service was launched in 2011. In a few months it was made available to almost all of Russia’s mobile phone users. Upon connection, Autopayment checks the subscriber’s balance. When the balance falls below the threshold, it is automatically topped up with money from the subscriber’s Sberbank card. The subscriber can set the threshold and thereby control the amount of money spent on mobile credit. The service can be turned on via Sberbank Online, a self-service device, or by sending a message to 900.

The convenience and simplicity of the service have led to more and more people signing up to it: every month almost 5 million roubles worth of payments are made via Autopayment.

“Six years ago we were the first in Russia to launch a mobile communication autopayment service. Today every tenth person in the country uses this service. People always choose convenience. The rapid growth in popularity of Autopayment is proof of this,” commented Igor Mamontov, Senior Managing Director at Sberbank.