OREANDA-NEWS. Toople Plc (LSE: TOOP), a provider of bespoke telecom services to UK SMEs, is pleased to announce that it has today launched a business mobile offering via its web site Toople.com.    

Following on from the Group's funding partnership with HHF, as announced on 31 May 2016, Toople is now able to offer business mobiles and SIM cards to SMEs via the o2 network. As a result of this partnership agreement, Toople is now providing handsets with unlimited calls, texts and data bundles, to its SME customers at a significant discount to the average market price over the last 12 months. The Board believes this will give the Company a material advantage during its initial growth stage as the Company seeks to rapidly acquire new customers. 

Andy Hollingworth, CEO of Toople Plc, commented "The launch of these services demonstrates the value of our funding partnership with HHF, and allows us to offer more products to individual customers, therefore increasing the potential value of their contracts with Toople.  Our ability to offer a great combination of different services to our customers and back that up with UK-based customer service and competitive pricing will allow us to grow our customer base further and position us as a major disrupter in the market."