OREANDA-NEWS Experts  sure, the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC) in the coming week will continue to grow.

The website CoinMarketCap calculate the average price across more than 20 exchanges. According to this information  trading results of the resurrection of the bitcoin has risen in price by 1.02% to 7,275 thousand dollars. On the largest in terms of trading cryptocurrency exchange Binance bitcoin rose in price by 1.37% to 7,291 thousand dollars.

In the course of trading last week, the price of cryptocurrency for the first time since the beginning of August has overcome the mark of 7 thousand dollars.

Professor of the Department of financial management of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Konstantin Ordov believes that bitcoin shows a "upward trend "and the price is above 7.2 thousand dollars "convinces of the seriousness of this trend."

"Bitcoin needs mass recognition. This is the only driver for the growth of quotations... in the coming days there is no reason for pessimism, so we are waiting for a "green" band, but not higher than 7.8 thousand for bitcoin this week," he said.

The same views has the head of Enigma, co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Nurtdinov. "The market looks bullish, we are seeing the third week of growth. The price of bitcoin may already reach 8 thousand dollars in a week, " he suggested.

The chief analyst of Tokenbox Igor Doganov also believes that the growth of the bitcoin price will continue this week. At the same time, he pointed to possible speculation in the market.

One of the main events of the past week was the decision of the Yahoo Finance platform to introduce the possibility of buying and selling bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies for US residents. Experts do not exclude that the development of this story will affect the price of bitcoin in the future.

"The news about the introduction of Yahoo.Finance crypto-exchanger may well be an important factor for changing trends in the entire crypto market, " – believe experts.

The market participants' attention was attracted by the message publication Business Insider, citing sources, that the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) plans to launch futures trading on the second market capitalization in the world cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) to the end of 2018. To launch a new instrument, it is necessary to obtain approval from the US commodity futures trading Commission (CFTC).