OREANDA-NEWSThe valuation of the assets of US President Donald Trump over the past month fell by $ 1 billion due to the coronavirus epidemic and a fall in activity in key sectors of the economy, Forbes magazine calculated. “A month ago, we estimated the condition of US President Donald Trump at $ 3.1 billion. Now - at $ 2.1 billion”, the newspaper writes.

The assessment of the capitalization of the assets of the President of the United States was carried out on the basis of changes in stock prices in the segments in which his companies operate. Magazine experts noted that commercial real estate is undergoing a crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. From March 1 to March 18, shares of several development companies, including Boston Properties and Vornado Realty Trust, fell by an average of 37%, and a large proportion of Trump companies work in this area.

According to the US president, the decrease in the number of deaths from coronavirus in New York State, where the most cases of infection were recorded, is a “good sign” and an indicator that the authorities are able to turn the tide.