OREANDA-NEWS The national Commission for information technology and human rights (CNIL) of France fined Google €50 million for lack of transparency in obtaining consent to the processing and use of personal data of users. This is reported on the website of the regulator.  The reason is a violation of the European rules on personal data protection. The company provided users with insufficient information when obtaining consent to the processing and use of their personal information.

"This is the first case when the CNIL applies the maximum penalty prescribed by the General regulation on data protection", — stated in the message. The Department said that the amount of the fine is justified by the seriousness of the violations and the fact that they continue to this day.

It is noted that in late May, the Commission received collective complaints from associations None of Your Business (NOYB) and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN), which were signed by 10 thousand people.

In the course of the investigation, the Commission concluded that Google had violated EU law requiring users to be informed of how their personal data was collected and used and to obtain their consent to their collection.

For example, information about the purposes of data processing, the duration of their storage and the categories used to personalize advertising, Google is "excessively scattered across several documents." To get more information, you need to click on other links. However, the information provided is not always clear. It is noted that the consent obtained is also not "specific" and "unambiguous".

The General regulation on data protection in the European Union came into force on May, 25 last year. Soon activists advocating for the protection of privacy, accused Google of non-compliance. Then the representatives of the company hastened to assure that they have updated their privacy policy in accordance with the new regulations.