OREANDA-NEWS  Consumer prices in Russia rose by 4.3% by the end of 2018, according to the materials of Rosstat. Earlier, the state service previously estimated inflation for the past year at 4.2%. The price increase for December 2018 was 0.8% compared to November.

For comparison, at the end of 2017, inflation was 2.5%, including 0.4% in December 2017.

Food products in 2018 became more expensive by 4.7% (in December prices increased by 1.7% by November 2018), non - food products rose by 4.1% for the year (in December - by 0.2%), services-by 3.9% (by 0.4% in December).

In December, among food products, prices for chicken eggs increased the most. So, in 30 subjects of the Russian Federation they rose by 20% or more, including in the Udmurt Republic - by 31%, the Republic of Mari El - by 29.5%, Orel and Kaliningrad regions - by 28.3%. At the same time, eggs are 2.4% cheaper in the Jewish Autonomous region.

In addition, cucumbers rose significantly - by 37.2%, tomatoes - by 22.5%, white cabbage - by 20%, potatoes - by 9.9%, onions - by 9.5%.

Millet became more expensive by 4.6%, semolina-by 1.8%, poultry, frozen fish, fish fillet, flour-by 1.7%.

At the same time, prices for domestic salmon caviar decreased by 1.7%, frozen squids fell by 0.5%, beer of foreign brands, instant coffee, as well as coffee in quick service organizations fell by 0.2%.

In December, among the observed non-food items, there was a marked increase in prices for certain types of medicines and medical products. Thus, validol became more expensive by 15.2%, the tincture of motherwort and Corvalol-by 1.7% and 1.4%, respectively, fluocinolone acetonide, Ketoprofen, Rennie, Linex, drotaverine, allochol, veroshpiron, iodine, thermometers and bandages - by 0.7-1.1%. However, prices for levomekol decreased by 0.8%, Essentiale Forte H - by 0.7%, domestic multivitamins - by 0.5%.

In addition, in December, soap rose by 1.1%, by 0.5-0.9% - cars of foreign brands, jewelry, computer monitors, fur hats, glassware, liquid cleaners and detergents, fresh cut flowers, dry pet food, certain types of furniture, electrical goods and other household appliances, construction materials, knitwear, women's shoes, perfume, cosmetic and paper and white goods.

At the same time, prices for gas motor fuel decreased by 3.8%, USB flash drives-by 1.1%, electric vacuum cleaners, sneakers with a top made of genuine leather, phones and sewing machines - by 0.3 - 0.5%.