OREANDA-NEWS. Every third Russian citizen (33 percent) admitted that he or his relatives had experienced telephone fraud, and almost every tenth (9 percent) lost a significant amount of money because of this.  This follows from the results of a Kaspersky Lab study.

 As explained in Kaspersky Lab, most often scammers call from a fake number or from a number that is no longer owned by the bank, call themselves employees of a financial organization and find out two-factor authorization codes or passwords from the victim to enter their personal account or confirm money transfer.  At the same time, subscribers try to protect themselves from such cases: 17% of respondents indicated that they use special software to protect against fraud and spam, 37% said they had built-in phone functions, for example, black lists.  In addition, every fifth Russian citizen (21%) does not use any solutions at all, half of the respondents (51%) simply do not pick up if they are called from an unfamiliar number, the company said.

 Experts remind you: if you are called and informed that a suspicious transaction has been made from your card, then with a probability of more than 90% they are scammers.  Subscribers are advised to treat calls from unfamiliar numbers with caution, as well as remember that real bank employees will never ask for a PIN code from a bank card, provide account information in an online bank or one-time passwords sent via SMS.