OREANDA-NEWSAlmost all countries have already re-registered the rights to Soviet foreign property on their territory in favor of Russia. This was announced to reporters on Thursday by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

“In the vast majority of countries, this re-registration ended de jure and de facto”, he said. “However, there are still some countries where this work is not completed”. The Kremlin representative did not specify which countries they were talking about, noting that there were not so many, although "not one or two, there are a little more".

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with a working group on the preparation of amendments to the Constitution, said that Russia, as the successor to the USSR, hadn't received all of the Union’s foreign assets, despite the payment of debts of all the former Soviet republics. Then he noted that we are talking about objects on the territory of "some newly formed states on the spaces of the Soviet Union".