OREANDA-NEWS  Profit of the Russian banking sector from January to September increased by 58% to 1,068 trillion rubles. This information told Vasily Pozdyshev reporters Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank.

Over the same period in 2017, the profit of the banks amounted to 675 billion. "Profit for September, the Russian banking system, 168 billion rubles. In General, our forecasts for profits this year confirmed",— quotes the Chairman of the Central Bank.

According to this infotmation, the regulator recorded the devaluation of the assets of the banking sector. At the end of nine months, the ruble part of assets has increased significantly, explained Mr. Pozdyshev. "We are talking about reporting on October 1. Assets increased by RUB 4.3 trillion in absolute terms. Here are two trend — ruble portion of the assets has increased significantly, and the exchange of the assets has slightly decreased. There is a process of devaluation, we observe it, " - said the representative of the Central Bank.

In September, the Bank of Russia reported that deposits in banks of the Russian Federation for August decreased by 0.6% and amounted to 27.4 trillion rubles. The Central Bank pointed out that in General, deposits as a direction of investment of savings of the population have lost their attractiveness — this is due to a change in the behavioral model of the population, which is accompanied by a decrease in the share of savings in the structure of income use.

In early August, the Central Bank estimated the profit of the entire banking system at the end of 2018, taking into account the rehabilitated banks in 1.2–1.3 trillion rubles.However, in the same month two weeks later, the Bank of Russia reported that for the first six months of 2018, the profit of the banking sector amounted to 634 billion rubles., which was 17.7% less than in the first six months of 2017. Such indicators, according to the regulator, reflected the performance of banks undergoing the recovery procedure.

Earlier, the government reported that it is working on reducing the dependence of the Russian economy on the US currency, including by stimulating payments in national currencies. At the same time, the authorities do not plan to completely abandon the dollar.