OREANDA-NEWS The district court in Grozny ordered to write off the debt of the population for gas from the local branch of Gazprom. The amount of debt that was forgiven to the population is nine billion rubles. This is stated on the website of the Prosecutor's office of the Chechen Republic-the Agency acted in this case the plaintiff.

The district court of Grozny satisfied the requirements of the Prosecutor's office. The judge considered that the local branch of " Gazprom "(full name" Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Grozny") did not fulfill the requirements of the legislation in force in the country and did not make the documents necessary for write-off of accounts receivable of the population, which due to the expiration of the Statute of limitations can not be recovered.

The court concluded that the demands of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Grozny to the population to pay utility debts created social tension in the society. According to the Prosecutor's office, with which the court agreed, these requirements could lead to protests of the population.

In October 2018, four heads of urban areas of Grozny lost their jobs. They were dismissed by the mayor"for inadequate execution of duties and poor-quality work with the population on the questions connected with debt repayment for gas and electricity".

It all began with the fact that because of the large debts for gas, the house where a large family lived was disconnected, which had no material opportunity to pay off the debts for gas supply.

Then the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that instead of turning off the gas from a large family, officials could solve the conflict situation differently. Kadyrov said that the local authorities have made an unacceptable decision, instead of delve into the problem and try to help.

In addition, the Charity Fund named after Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov, which is headed by the mother of Ramzan Kadyrov, in Ramadan (the Holy month for Muslims) repaid debts for electricity to three thousand poor subscribers of the Republic.

In November 2018, the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation conducted a study, according to which Tyumen, Grozny and Moscow were recognized as cities with the highest quality of life. The capital of Chechnya is a leader in such indicators as the quality of roads, housing and communal services, the volume of construction and convenience for citizens.