OREANDA-NEWSSince the beginning of the year, the Russian stock market provided investors with the highest income compared to other similar markets in the world, Cole Aixon, the Sberbank securities market strategist, told the Russian media.

MSCI Russia’s full-return index, including dividend, on the Russian market has grown by 44% since the beginning of the year - almost four times more than the emerging markets index MSCI EM, which added 12% since the beginning of the year (reflects a change in stock prices of large and medium-sized companies with 24 countries, including Russia), and twice as many developed markets (+ 22%), the expert cited calculations.

Compared to last year, the dollar yield of the Russian market increased by more than 80 times, follows from the data of the head of the personal broker department of Alfa Bank Sergey Karakhanyan: in 2018, MSCI Russia, taking into account dividends, grew by 0.51% and was not a growth leader (For comparison, the Indian stock market added 1.39%).

However, on the whole, last year markets sank significantly against the backdrop of tightening monetary policy and growing trade frictions in the USA and China: the developing countries stock index MSCI EM fell by more than 14%, the world market - by 8%, the US broad market S&P index 500 lost over 4%.