OREANDA-NEWS. «Safmar Financial Investments» reported, that it increased it's stake in the «Russneft» oil company from 7.8% to 11.1%. According to the Moscow Exchange, on April 21 and 22, three negotiated deals were held with the shares of Russneft, during which 3.3% of the shares were sold for $22 million. The average price for one paper was about $2.27.

«The increase in the share actually took place after the acquisition of shares of «Russneft» on the stock exchange in the mode of negotiated transactions», the press service of «Safmar Financial Investments» explained to Russian media «Interfax», declining to comment on the price of the transaction.

The holding company received the first 7.8% in the oil company in early April as a result of the purchase of several large minority shareholders of their shares. The purchase of these shares was financed by the sale of NPF «Safmar» to the Region Group of companies by Sergey Sudarikov, the holding company previously told «Interfax».

«The new acquisition is also financed by the funds received from the sale of NPF «Safmar» holding. These shares, as in early April, were purchased from a number of minority shareholders (the number of which we do not disclose) in the mode of negotiated transactions», said the representative of «Safmar Financial Investments» on Monday, April 26, noting, that the past transactions do not have a direct connection with the sale of NPF «Safmar».