OREANDA-NEWS The telegram TON blockchain platform and the Gram cryptocurrency will be presented at a meeting with the largest investors of the project within a month, the Bell reports citing sources. For all users, the platform should start working in March.

The team working on TON allows a small delay of 2-3 months due to the"innovative nature of the development". In the last newsletter to investors said about 90% ready.

The TON team is currently studying legal issues in more than 10 jurisdictions. Bidding is likely to begin in Asia. The first country where Gram goes may be Japan.

Blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network has been described in the investment prospectus of the messenger before the ICO, under which the company Pavel Durov managed to raise $1.7 billion in the Timing of its launch is not just tolerated. Initially, the launch of the test version of TON was planned for the second quarter of 2018.

In July, it was announced the launch of Telegram Passport-the first stage of implementation of TON. The program allows messenger users to upload their documents for further authorization on various sites and services. These data will later be moved to a single distribution cloud, and their owners will be able to use the cryptocurrency Gram.

In September, it became known that Telegram reported to investors that the platform is ready for 70%, and the test version of TON will appear "later this fall".

Last year, Telegram raised $ 1.7 billion from investors to create a blockchain platform that will process transactions faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains and will be able to compete in payment speed with Visa and Mastercard. The system will use the Gram cryptocurrency, and users will be able to use the telegram wallet integrated with applications, which should become the most common in the world. Initially, Telegram promised to launch testing of the platform in the II quarter of 2018.