The Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Energy supported the idea of equating mining with entrepreneurial activities, Izvestia reported. According to the newspaper, the initiative was partially supported by the Ministry of Finance, while the Bank of Russia opposed the regulation of cryptocurrency mining. The regulator justified this by the fact that it cannot support initiatives aimed at the emergence of new "money surrogates".

The Ministry of Economic Development is already discussing the regulation of mining with industry representatives. The ministry believes that the recognition of cryptocurrency mining as a business would allow the income from this activity to be taxed. The Ministry of Energy also reacted positively to the idea. The Ministry of Finance believes that the issue of mining regulation should be discussed in the context of the formation of a legal framework in the field of cryptocurrencies.

In September, Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, proposed to equate cryptocurrency mining with entrepreneurship. Later, the initiative was supported by the governor of the Irkutsk Region, Igor Kobzev. Russian oil producers also proposed to start mining cryptocurrencies at oil fields.

In mid-October, it became known that Russia came in third place in the world in bitcoin mining. The country's share in the total computing capacity of miners reached 11% in August, compared to 6.8% in April.