OREANDA-NEWSThe representative of Yandex.Money commented on the Russian media information about the leak of customer data. According to the interlocutor, the published data is information about the accounts of users who, as it turned out, exchanged money through a private person’s service (all operations on such resources are essentially transfers between individuals).

“Users left data on their wallets and cards on this resource voluntarily - among them were our customers. We investigated the situation and found out that the attackers had hacked the private resource server and gained access to tokens, logins, card numbers and other information that the users themselves indicated there”, he said.

QIWI Technical Director Kirill Ermakov told the media that the leak doesn't relate to compromising QIWI databases and does not pose a threat to users. “Data from third-party services that are not related to QIWI has been leaked. We take the protection of the personal data of our customers with great seriousness and constantly inform our customers that you can't leave your personal data and data for entering your personal account on third-party resources. As for us, our processing system does not store client credentials in an open form and, of course, does not transfer them to third-party services”, he said.