OREANDA-NEWS. Anton Shipulin, a biathlete, a deputy of the State Duma of Russia from the ruling political party, and his family members were diagnosed with COVID-19.

It is known that they became infected being on holiday in the city of Sochi. The disease is mild; however, the wife of Shipulin is hospitalized.

“I sent Luiza with children and mother-in-law to Sochi to have a rest… I came to them only for the weekend. First, our baby Mira fell ill… Then I fell ill with a temperature, followed by my mother-in-law and wife. This alerted us, and… we passed the coronavirus test… All but Dima (Son of Anton Shipulin. – Ed.) were diagnosed with COVID-19,” the athlete wrote on Instagram.

Anton Shipulin is the biathlon world champion of 2017. He won the silver and bronze medals of the championship three times. In 2010 he became the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games. He completed career in 2018, and next year was elected a deputy of the national parliament.