OREANDA-NEWS. China has made a stern representation to the United States and will take decisive action in response to the American side's decision to stage a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. This was stated on Tuesday at a briefing by the official representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian.

"The actions of the United States seriously violate the principle of political neutrality of physical education and sports established by the Olympic Charter," he said. "China expresses its strong discontent and strong protest to the United States, has already made a strict presentation to the American side and will take decisive countermeasures," the diplomat said.

He did not specify exactly what measures would be taken. "The US will pay the price for its wrong actions, watch the information," Zhao Lijian said.

The diplomat noted that the Olympic Games are "not a stage for political manipulation." According to him, in the absence of an invitation, the American side decided to send officials to the Olympics or not, linking this with the so-called human rights problem in Xinjiang. Zhao Lijian pointed out that this distorts the facts and is self-deception, the US political plan will not receive support and is doomed to failure. He also stressed that the Winter Olympics in Beijing is a solemn event for athletes and sports fans around the world, they will be the main characters.

The US must stop politicizing sports and creating obstacles to hosting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, otherwise it could damage relations with China, Lijian said. "The American side must stop politicizing sports, stop actions and statements that create obstacles to the Beijing Olympic Games, otherwise this will damage a number of areas of cooperation between the two countries, as well as dialogue on regional and global issues," he said.

According to the diplomat, the international community and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) highly appreciate the work of China in preparing for the Olympic Games. He also noted that foreign athletes, including a huge number of athletes from the United States, are looking forward to traveling to China to compete. "We believe that thanks to the spirit of the Olympics and the joint efforts of all parties, China will certainly be able to present the world with a safe and impressive Olympic Games," the foreign ministry official summed up.