OREANDA-NEWS. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua will meet in the main fight of the decade for the title of the absolute world champion. At first, nothing foreshadowed trouble - a contract for two fights was already signed, and even the date and place of the first of them was named. It only remained to officially announce the event when a third party emerged - former world champion Deontay Wilder.

In February 2020, Fury literally smashed Joshua with a knockout in the seventh round, and in the process of the fight, Wilder received two knockdowns.

Immediately after the fight, Deontay quite sensibly commented on the meeting: "It happens. The best boxer won today. My corner threw in the towel, even though I was ready to continue the fight. " Wilder subsequently changed his position and started blaming everyone for his defeat. It was his own coach who was to blame, and the heavy and uncomfortable form that " literally paralyzed him." After that, he accused Fury himself of allegedly putting something in the opponent's water. According to Deontay: "I drank water, trying to maintain the water balance. I started to feel weird. They put something in my water. It felt like I'd taken a muscle relaxant or something."

Fury did not ignore this: "Wilder, go to hell! I won't fight you after all you've said. I could have sued you for $ 100 million in libel. So yeah, fuck you... In the first fight, the referee was against him, after the second fight, he came up with nonsense with gloves, and someone else added something to his water. He'll never get a fight with me after this."

Promoters and representatives of boxers express different positions, but there is an opinion that it will be much easier to buy off Wilder with money so that he does not interfere with the fight.