OREANDA-NEWS. The police found in the Omsk underground rehabilitation centre for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. As the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk, the people there were forcibly detained and not allowed to communicate with relatives. Detained two local residents, who led the center.

People could not tell about the conditions in which they are kept by relatives or law enforcement officers.  Telephone calls were limited and carried out under the supervision of the administration center.  In this regard, unsuspecting relatives continued the monthly payment for rehabilitation.

  Police detained two local residents who ran the hospital since 2017.  When checking the documentation center license for medical activity is not found.  The suspects kept a gas pistol and a large number of potent drugs.  They were sent for examination.

For any fault of the patients were forced to enter the ring, where they had to win in sparring the same offender. They fought to first blood or until until one of the fighters asks for mercy. To refuse battle with the enemy was impossible, "doctors" were driven into the ring under the gun, gas gun, which is similar to the real Makarov pistol. Weapons found one of the defendants in the case.