OREANDA-NEWS. Mikhail Kolyada wins first place after the short program at the Russian Figure Skating Championships in Chelyabinsk. Although the skater told reporters that he did not consider his performance in the short program at the Russian Championship to be perfect.

Kolyada thanked Chelyabinsk for the warm welcome and everyone who supported him. He noted that everything that he had planned had worked out, albeit imperfectly, adding that he stumbled after the cascade. In conclusion, Mikhail Kolyada noted that "there is always something to work on."

The athlete received 102.48 points for his performance. Makar Ignatov is the second with 98.30 points, while Mark Kondratyuk is in third place with 90.88 points.

Later on December 24, dance couples will show rhythm dance. The men's free program will take place on Friday.

The current leader among male singles Mikhail Kolyada is 25 years old, he is the silver medalist of the 2018 Olympic Games in team competitions, as well as the bronze medalist of the World Championship of the same year. In addition, he has two bronze medals of the continental championship in 2017 and 2018.

Answering journalists' questions, Mikhail Kolyada said that he was ill and he still has health problems. But he does his best to show good work. The skater also clarified that he did not have a coronavirus infection.