OREANDA-NEWS. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the idea of ​​creating a special unified foundation where state corporations and private companies could fund money to develop sports in the country.

The author of a proposal is the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Gleb Nikitin who addressed it to the head of state at a meeting of the council for the development of physical training and sports in Nizhny Novgorod.

In response, Putin recalled that almost every state-owned corporation and a large private company have a sports team, which receives financial support. It would be fairer if the business transferred the same money to a single foundation, from where money would go to the athletes, the president said. “It means that all companies that are financing their clubs will have to send money to the foundation, and from there the funds will be fairly distributed among all other teams. I think that such a “collective farm” would be much fairer than what we see today – a competition of wallets”, Putin said. At the same time, Putin doubted that companies would agree to this.

He invited sports officials to consider creating such foundation. “We have already taken this matter into consideration and will report about it soon,” promised the President of the Russian Football Union Alexander Dyukov.

In addition, Putin instructed to consider tax incentives for organizations working in the sphere of sports. At the same time, the president emphasized that officials should be careful in this matter so as not to create conditions under which these preferences will be given to people and companies who have nothing to do with sports.