OREANDA-NEWS. Match TV commentator Alexander Shmurnov spoke about the mistake of the Russian national team midfielder Roman Zobnin in the match against the Danes at UEFA EURO 2020.

The Russian team on Monday lost to the Danish national team with a score of 1: 4. In the second half, Zobnin gave an inaccurate pass to the goalkeeper, which led to the loss and the second goal against Matvey Safonov.

“Zobnin, of course, is not guilty of anything. The problem with his position is that there are very few options for passing forward. It was a mental pass, our team is always afraid of something. Russia is roughly divided into two halves: those who are sick and for "Spartak", and those who hate him. And the other half happily realized where she could throw at the fan, "- said Shmurnov in an interview on the YouTube channel" Football Hait ".

"The hatred of Spartak is the main thing that many people have. Zobnin for the first time did something for which he can be rinsed in the comments. But not a single fan of the" red and white "will reproach Roma," added the commentator.

The Russian national team took the last place in the group and could not reach the playoffs of the European Championship.

The midfielder of the Russian national football team Roman Zobnin himself apologized for his mistake in the match with the Danes at UEFA EURO 2020.

“I want to apologize to all the fans who believed in us. In the match with the Danes, I made a gross mistake, which is not acceptable at this level and in such a decisive game. I am aware of this. I'm ready to take all the hate and blow on myself. I will try to turn these negative pages faster and stay strong. Everyone is wrong, and not only in football. We need to go further, "Zobnin said in an interview with Championat.com.