OREANDA-NEWS. The Japanese sports site The Digest devoted material to the past Russian figure skating championship, noting that the tournament "will go down in the history of not only Russian, but also world sports."

The publication caused an active response in the comments. Japanese users shared their impressions of the tournament, admiring the skill of the Russian skaters.

"All the medalists of the championship skated perfectly, practically without mistakes! Anna Shcherbakova is just a heroine! She became a three-time champion of Russia!" - posted by user rwg.

Another user, sej, wrote: "Great Russian championship. Indeed, the level is cleaner than at individual world championships. Shcherbakova is great! Becoming more and more confident in herself! What willpower this girl has!"

"Now, without quadruple jumps, there is no need to think about world podiums. Our Japanese figure skating has lagged behind. If we really claim top places in international competitions!" - said han.

"This is how the Russians raise the level of world figure skating! On the podium of their national championship there are girls, each of whom demonstrates at least two quadruple jumps per program! Apparently, this will now be the lower limit for world championships and the Olympics!" - suggested yef.

Many Japanese users point out a big difference between Russian and Japanese figure skating, and notice that the Japanese are far from the Russians in this regard.

The Russian Figure Skating Championship was held in Chelyabinsk the day before. Anna Shcherbakova won the tournament. The silver medal was won by Kamila Valieva, the bronze - by Alexandra Trusova.