OREANDA-NEWS. Russian figure skater Adelia Petrosyan said that she will resume training the quadruple sheepskin coat after the Russian championship among juniors.

The championship of Russia among juniors started on Wednesday in Krasnoyarsk. Pupil Eteri Tutberidze Petrosyan took third place in the short program.

Petrosyan told reporters that she was going to jump a quadruple jump, but a little later. According to her, while in recent weeks she and the coach have worked more on programs, and they postponed work on the quad until after the Russian championship.

The athlete said that she was glad that she coped with her excitement, because it was in the short program. She is a little unhappy with the fact that she relaxed on the last spin. Adelia Petrosyan believes that it was necessary to make it faster, to accelerate. The excitement was due to the fact that at the fifth stage of the Russian Cup she made a step-out in a cascade and skated a free program badly. The skater noted that she really wanted to show her best side at the Russian championship.

Petrosyan also admitted that she was "very glad to see the audience." “I’m glad that I’m being interviewed, I also always like this, because when asked, you have to answer as much and more interestingly as possible so that people would be interested in listening to you. I try to prepare before each competition. My mother and I go through the questions, who can ask me, and we try to answer them, "she added.