OREANDA-NEWSMost Russians (68%) are not afraid that artificial intelligence will begin to perform a number of tasks in their profession. This is evidenced by the results of a survey published on Monday. About 30% of respondents reported concerns about this issue. About half of the respondents (48%) expressed a positive attitude towards the development of artificial intelligence. Another 31% of respondents are neutral, 12% of the respondents expressed negative emotions.

Among the fears associated with artificial intelligence, Russians most often indicated the possibility of technical failures (31%) and a threat to the security of personal data (21%). Respondents believe that such technologies should be developed in the fields of science (72%), industry (69%), transport (66%), leisure and entertainment (60%).

The survey participants also spoke about their willingness to use services based on artificial intelligence in obtaining public services (68%), solving everyday problems (54%), in the field of entertainment (54%) and in receiving medical care (52%).