OREANDA-NEWS Senator Andrey Kutepov suggested that the government accelerate the sale of assets of companies from unfriendly countries that have stopped working in Russia. Earlier, the idea of nationalizing the property of firms that left the Russian market was made in United Russia. The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development. The authorities believe that the measure will save jobs and support the economy in the face of sanctions.

Andrey Kutepov, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, addressed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with an initiative to accelerate the nationalization of assets of foreign companies.

"We propose to introduce an accelerated procedure for the sale of property located on the territory of the Russian Federation to companies from foreign unfriendly states," the senator's letter says.

According to him, this measure will allow adapting the Russian economy and further socio-economic development of the country to the changed conditions. The senator also proposed not to levy taxes on property acquired by Russian entrepreneurs from foreign enterprises from unfriendly countries.

According to Kutepov, a zero tax rate on such property should be established for newly opened production facilities aimed at import substitution.

Party "United Russia" has prepared a bill that describes the mechanism of nationalization of the property of companies that have left the country. It will be applied to organizations where at least 25% are owned by foreign persons of "unfriendly states".