OREANDA-NEWS. From 2022, Russians will begin to receive all the required payments automatically. This was announced by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, it follows from the transcript of the Cabinet meeting.

Citizens will begin to receive pensions, compensations, benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as maternity capital in an undeclared manner. Mishustin noted that the process will become more convenient and easier.

"There is no need to transfer any information to the employer, as it is necessary now. Parents will be able to devote more time to the baby, and not spend their time collecting certificates, documents and waiting in queues,"- Mishustin said.

Earlier, pensioners, military, law enforcement officers and cadets of cadet schools received payments without an explicit order. At the end of August, the proposal to pay all Russian pensioners 10 thousand rubles, and the security forces — 15 thousand rubles. voiced by Vladimir Putin. He explained that the older generation is more affected by inflation. According to him, it "eats up" the annual indexation of the pension.

In May, the law on the provision of social support measures in an undeclared manner or on application through the Unified State Information System of Social Security (EGISSO) came into force in Russia. Regional services and departments will now be able to track those in need using the system and charge them benefits. Notifications about the payment must be received in the personal account on the portal "Public Services".

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Labor Alexey Sklyar noted that the institutions responsible for assigning payments will be able to receive data from various structures in electronic form without the participation of citizens and without paper requests.