OREANDA-NEWS. The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, commented on the words of her deputy Sergey Shvetsov about pensions and pensioners and called them "extremely unsuccessful", as reported by the media.

"I regret the extremely unfortunate wording of my deputy on the issue of support for pensioners,"- she said.

Shvetsov said that it is already quite late to help current pensioners, it is necessary to encourage citizens so that by the time they retire, they rely not only on the state, but also on the capital formed during their lifetime.

"To help pensioners, my personal opinion, is a little late. It is necessary to help a citizen to retire with a good pension project, which first of all should be formed by the citizen himself throughout his life. This is called capitalism. When a person has retired, relying entirely on the state, this is socialism. We are rather closer to our Soviet past in this regard, and the proposal of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance is just to start this transformation,"- Shvetsov said at an expanded meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy.

Nabiullina did not agree with this statement of the question.

"Most of those who have already retired or are coming out now, did not have the opportunity to make savings for old age. And, of course, this is one of the priorities of the state — to provide a decent pension for everyone,"- Nabiullina said. "The Bank of Russia, for its part, is working on the development of non-state pension funds and on improving the stability of the financial system. But these efforts are an addition to the state pension system,"- she added.