OREANDA-NEWS. Vladimir Putin signed a federal law on the procedure for forming the Federation Council. According to the new law, the president of the country after the termination of presidential powers can become a senator and apply for a life quota. The relevant document can be found on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The initiator and author of amendments to the law "On the Procedure for Forming the Federation Council" was personally the President of the Russian Federation. The project he created was introduced as part of the implementation of amendments to the constitution.

According to the bill developed by Putin, the ex-president of the Russian Federation acquires the status of a senator from the moment of filing an application with the Federation Council with the necessary documents attached. The application can be submitted within three months from the date of termination of powers. The president, whose powers were terminated before the adoption of the law, can do this at any time.

Senators are representatives of the Russian Federation, who are appointed by presidential decree for six years or for life. There can be no more than seven of them. The appointment of senators is a right, but not a duty, of the President, and can be carried out at his discretion at any time.