OREANDA-NEWS. The high mortality rate from coronavirus since the fall of last year is explained by the fact that among the sick there are many elderly people who have concomitant diseases. This explanation was given by the leading specialist of the Center. Gamalei Fedor Lisitsyn.

Coronavirus in 2020 became the main cause of death of almost 86.5 thousand people in Russia, it follows from Rosstat data.

According to the scientist, the percentage of people with a really serious chronicity in the Russian Federation is really high, it is difficult to find elderly people over 60 years old who would not have this or that chronic disease, therefore the mortality rate is quite high.

He noted that in the spring of last year, the accuracy of the test systems did not allow to reliably determine what contributed to the death of patients.

He explained that in the spring of this year, there was still an insufficiently high level of testing, and the accuracy of the test systems did not allow, in the event of the death of a person whose death was accelerated by a coronavirus infection, to determine what contributed to this.

Over the past day, 470 deaths with COVID-19 have been confirmed in Russia, 53 of them in Moscow, 82,396 people have died throughout the entire period, the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus told reporters on Friday.