OREANDA-NEWS The Federal targeted program (FTP) for social and economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol was decided to be extended for two years - until 2022. According to the latest data, 20% of the objects of the Crimean FTP is implemented with a lag.

Financing of the Federal target program for the development of Crimea and Sevastopol increased to 40.7 billion rubles. This information is stated in the decree of the Russian government. The program itself is extended for two years-until 2022. The last two years of the program (2021 and 2022) are allocated in a separate stage.

The total funding of the program is more than 878 billion rubles, of which more than 827 billion rubles — from the Federal budget. Previously, the volume was estimated at 837 billion rubles, including 791 billion rubles from the Federal budget.

At the end of July, the head of the Ministry of economic development Maxim Oreshkin proposed to extend the program until 2022. He noted that the program was originally conceived for five years, but there are already a certain number of accumulated orders for new facilities, the Minister explained.

The FTP for social and economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol was adopted in 2014. Its goal is to modernize the social, engineering and transport infrastructure of the region. Since 2015, the program is supervised by the Ministry of economic development. According to data for July this year, the program completed the creation of 214 objects, implemented another 350.

80% of the construction is in accordance with the schedule, and 120 facilities has been lagging behind. The key projects of the FTP are the Crimean bridge, the new airport of Simferopol, the construction of the Tavrida highway and facilities for providing water to the Eastern Crimea. The Mayor reported that the implementation of the program gives an annual increase in passenger traffic to the Crimea by more than 1 million people on air transport and almost 4 million people on rail.

Until May 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak was responsible for Crimea's development programs. After the appointment of the new Cabinet and redistribution of powers, he was replaced by Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko.

Kozak himself admitted that there are problems in the implementation of the FTP.

The head of the Crimea is Sergey Aksenov. He said that at least half of the unfinished objects of the program could be delivered on time, if not "incompetence, lack of control, etc.". Later he called "insufficient" the level of control over the progress of construction and the professionalism of supervisors.