OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk in Berlin urged Western countries to think about restoring his country's nuclear status. He expressed this opinion on the air of the radio station Deutschlandfunk.

The Ukrainian ambassador said that Ukraine now needs not only international moral support, but also modern weapons systems. “Perhaps it is worth thinking about the nuclear status,” the diplomat said.

Later, on his Twitter page, he also added that Kiev is demanding strong military support from Germany, as well as accepting Ukraine into NATO as soon as possible.

The media reported that recently, tension in the conflict zone in Donbass has significantly increased. Against this background, the West accuses Russia of intensifying "aggressive actions" and demands an explanation of the movement of troops in Crimea and the Rostov region, near the Ukrainian border. The Kremlin said to this that the troops were moving across Russian territory and that this did not threaten anyone and should not bother anyone.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict and is interested in Kiev overcoming the political and economic crisis.