OREANDA-NEWS. Over the past ten years, the Pentagon has created a huge secret army of about sixty thousand people. This is the conclusion reached by Newsweek after a two-year investigation.

According to the magazine, the number of this military formation is ten times the number of underground CIA employees.

The publication says that "secret" soldiers work both domestically and abroad, performing tasks in military uniform or disguised as civilians.

In addition, according to media reports, about 130 private companies participate in this program, spending more than $ 900 million annually.

The issue is about the creation of false documentation, payment of bills and taxes of persons working under false names, as well as the manufacture of special devices and equipment for wiretapping and surveillance in the most remote corners of the Middle East and Africa.

The Special Forces of the US Army make up more than half of the total strength of the secret forces. Their main task is to pursue terrorists in war zones and enemy countries.

According to the authors of the investigation, Washington needs this secret formation not only to fight terrorism, but also to increase competitive opportunities in a hybrid war with Russia and China.