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Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov
22.06.2021, 13:19

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that he had no information about the development in Russia of a program that would allow the "implantation of chips" into the human brain.

22.06.2021, 10:06

British researchers have identified a sign of coronavirus infection that only occurs in those who are vaccinated. Express writes about this.

Putin and Biden
17.06.2021, 15:49

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that the image of US President Joe Biden, which the press portrays, has nothing to do with reality.

Donald Trump
17.06.2021, 10:05

Former US President Donald Trump said that Washington received nothing from the summit of Russian and American leaders Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, and for Moscow the meeting went well.

Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland
16.06.2021, 15:40
American correspondents, who stormed ahead of the meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, betray the classic traditions of overseas journalism and show not only professional, but also general human rudeness.
Volodymyr Zelensky
16.06.2021, 14:36
Zelensky said that if the Western powers stop supporting the country in the conflict with the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass, it will have to create "the most powerful army in Europe" and "solve the problem on its own."
"Black mold" in India
11.06.2021, 14:40
The number of cases of "black mold" in India increased by 150% in three weeks and reached 31,216 thousand cases, more than two thousand people died.
Joe Biden
10.06.2021, 13:10

The intention of US President Joe Biden to show that "America is back" drew a flurry of criticism from readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Warsaw, Poland
10.06.2021, 10:16

A Polish citizen was detained in Warsaw on charges of spying for Russia. This is reported by the General Prosecutor's Office of the republic.

Zhigimantas Pavilenis
09.06.2021, 13:14

Member of the opposition party "Union of Peasants and Greens of Lithuania" Robertas Scharnickas said that Lithuania blushes with shame after the rally of the chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs Zhigimantas Pavilenis by the Russian prankers "Vovan" and "Lexus".

Luis Elizondo
09.06.2021, 12:35
The former head of the AATIP (Aerospace Threat Identification Program), created by the Pentagon to study unidentified flying objects and unexplained air phenomena, spoke about UFO interventions in the US energy security.
Prague, Czech Republic
09.06.2021, 10:08

The hostility towards Russia is fueled by Czech politicians and the media, but this is contrary to the interests of ordinary citizens. The online magazine Česká Pozice writes about this.

The Russian Ministry of Defense
03.06.2021, 15:15

A new cold war is beginning in the world and a doctrinal definition of opponents is already underway, says Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

Putin and Biden
02.06.2021, 10:35

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will take place at a good time, as Moscow and Washington are on the verge of a new nuclear race, writes The National Interest.

The wreath.
01.06.2021, 12:23
In 1960, as a special correspondent of «Izvestia», he accompanied Khrushchev on a trip to the countries of the East.


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