OREANDA-NEWS. Apple has released an update that should help eliminate a vulnerability that allows malicious programs to gain control over smartphones by bypassing user actions, according to a statement issued by the company.

As noted, the first vulnerability may be related to the processing of infected PDF files, in which malicious code is launched. This did not require any additional actions in the form of clicking on certain links. The second vulnerability concerns the WebKit tool, which allows you to navigate the Internet. When processing «certain content», malicious code could be launched.

Earlier, Apple announced the presentation of the next new products. Users expect that it will be a new iPhone 13 smartphone, a watch and headphones. According to specialized media, the new smartphones will receive an increased amount of internal memory. For modifications of the iPhone 13Pro and iPhone 13ProMax, a variant with a memory capacity of 1TB will also be added to the three above-mentioned versions.