OREANDA-NEWS. Air Chief Marshal Michael Wigston of Great Britain considered the space activities carried out by Russia and China to be "dangerous". He stated this in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

According to the military leader, Moscow and Beijing regularly place satellites in orbits in "close proximity" to others, as well as collect intelligence.

Wigston stressed that China is developing anti-satellite technologies, including "laser blinding weapons" and mechanisms for "deliberate radio jamming." Russian satellites, in turn, "have the characteristics of weapons" and threaten security, he added.

In addition, the military warned of the risk of conflicts in space in the future. "I have no doubt that they can go there very quickly. If we do not think and do not prepare for this now, we will not be ready at the right time," concluded Wigston.

This is not the first time that the West has declared the danger of a "war" in outer space. Earlier, the head of the British space program, Vice Marshal Harvey Smith, following the US command, accused Russia of conducting a new test of anti-satellite weapons and expressed concern in this regard.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that Washington is thus trying to justify its own plans to deploy weapons in space.