OREANDA-NEWS. Bulgarian diplomat in the UN Anton Gitsov, in an interview with the Trud newspaper, spoke negatively about the activists promoting anti-Russian rhetoric.

According to the diplomat, Russophobia has become a characteristic element of foreign policy. He noted that over the past year and a half, his country "has become a European, if not world champion in the expulsion of Russian diplomats." At the same time, many politicians often speak out sharply against Russia, including trying to rewrite the history of World War II. Thus, according to Gitsov, Bulgarian Russophobes are buying a kind of indulgence for "absolution" when they seek to condemn any sins of communism. He also mentioned a recent statement by right-wing activists about the need to rename the Alexander Nevsky Memorial Church.

The diplomat commented on this: "These need to be treated in a psychiatric hospital. Tell me how else to describe his insane proposal to rename one of the Bulgarian shrines, built with the help of the Bulgarian people as gratitude for the Liberation from Turkish slavery!"

Russia and Bulgaria have many historical ties, Gitsov recalled. For example, a common religion, similar languages and culture, besides, Moscow acts as a source of various types of raw materials, including energy.