OREANDA-NEWS. The exercises Trojan Footprint 21 and Black Swan 21, conducted in early May by the US Special Operations Command in Europe, are aimed at practicing maneuvers in the event of a conflict with Russia. Business Insider writes about it.

The publication of the magazine says: “Crimea could become an ideal territory for operations of special forces of the Navy. Teams of seals can land onshore, set up ambushes, conduct reconnaissance at sea and on land, participate in underwater special operations, for example, setting in the ocean sensors and placing magnetic mines on enemy ships. "

The author of the article reproached Russia for depriving the United States of dominance at sea and air, and he called Russian military equipment a "logical goal" for the special forces of NATO countries.

It is noted that the training of maneuvers also affected the crews of the US Navy's special-purpose combat boats. According to the publication, the military trained to "operate effectively" in different bodies of water. One of the fighters in an interview with the publication said that the main advantages of boats are stealth and firepower.

The author of the article makes the following conclusion: "Crews of special-purpose combat boats can secretly deliver" Navy soldiers "to Russian facilities in the Crimea."